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The following is a sample of implemented projects, ranging from moderate to high complexity solutions.

Development of web sites for the storing of a considerably vast amount of data, with high traffic control, and a sophisticated graphic design either in a multiple language versions or with regional program segmentation.

Integration among different platform systems.

Development and establishing of report systems for administrative monitoring, planning and efficiency-rating processing.

Added value systems for presentations and  massive attendance exhibitions, for both the agricultural and the construction-work sector, providing the input to compile the visitors statistics.

Administrative management systems for several retail stores and their multiple branches, comprising price control centralization, output budgeting, invoicing, inventory and waybill delivery assembly.

Storage and background catalogue information system, with index and high performance development for huge data volumes with management access permission.

Development of extranets for customerís direct orders and retailers. Domestic work control, sending to customers any relevant information concerning local goods transportation.

On line  operating system for the financial ambit customers.

Security systems operated by IP cameras.

Enforcement tool for retail and budget estimates, material and production factors, based on web technology. This application is compatible with any Windows version, as from Win 98 onwards. It can be set up from a CD so that there is no need of installation.

Administrative management system for the tourism industry, by interacting with Sabre and Amadeus, enabling to import the data for a flight ticket, sending complete information straight to the customer , including the bill of sale and a variety of reports.

Design, assembly and configuration of high performance servers.

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