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Hosting service - Distinctive features

Our Hosting Service provides storage allocation for the storing of both the web pages and the applications.

Our service profile consists of several servers for the distribution of storing and processing so as to achieve best performance. We also have available a complex intelligent firewalls system for access control and to block unwanted intrusion.

All of our data storing discs have parallel access to allow uninterrupted flow evening if there should be a failure among anyone of them.

We backup on isolated servers to prevent total lost of information in the primary memory equipment.

We have several servers available, which have been distributed in two data centres.
One is located in Buenos Aires, capital city, Argentina and the other is in Florida, USA, enabling national and international connecting links.

The electric flow is continuous in our data centre, which occurs by means of batteries and constant current generators. In addition, there is a complex anti-fire system ready to minimize any possible sinister, preventing a closing down of the whole data centre and the loss of the whole equipment.

The service area is kept under a constant temperature of 20ªC and the air is filtered to avoid accumulation of particles which could affect the mobile components of the equipment, like the fans, as for example.

Because strict security measures are a top priority, only qualified and authorized staff may get access to the plant.

Cylarcom offers technical support, application instalments, servers’ configuration and maintenance, to help its customers perform their business transactions on a reliable basis and according to the highest market standards.


• POP3 or IMAP e-mail accounts.
• Access to e-mail through webmail.
• E-mail backup service for USA to prevent possible lost of messages in case of lack of primary service availability.
• Unlimited FTP access.
• PHP, ASP and ASPX (net) script server support.
• Data base support (please ask for more information).
• Database server separated from the web server.
• 24 x 7 technical support.

Joining our hosting service includes:

• Arrangements for domain name setup.
• E-mail account configuration in our server and development of a migration plan to minimize the loss of messages.