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Cylarcom CMS - Content Management System

Cylarcom CMS is a software which provides efficient solutions for the development of web systems, using the automation of repeating processes during construction and maintenance of conventional web sites.


Data management system Cylarcom BOS - Back Office System

BOS is a data management system for trade administration, budgets, income and follow up of orders via web, invoicing, delivery stock and document control. 


Reporting Cylarcom MRS - Management Reporting System

Cylarcom MRS is a report elaborating tool, working by means of information taken  from actual time on corporate operations, providing efficient accuracy when coming to policy decisions, monitoring of an administrative process, layout strategies, statistical commentary or CRM.


E-document management Cylarcom GTP - Generic Text Parser

CylDOC system works as a virtual store, organising files of any type (word, excel, email, text, etc). Document files are classified by name, content, description, date, type and author, therefore providing rapid access at the search process. CylDOC is a powerful search engine which handles up to 200.000 files under normal performance.